My previous post (here) focuses on the ‘basics’. Some ideas for items to have in your cupboard for every day

The following 5 items represent the next step up in a wardrobe refresh. Moving you from just putting on clothes to wearing an outfit

1. Get something high-waisted  – jeans, skirts, trousers with a cami, blouse, shirt (tucked in) or a bodysuit. It helps give you a waist if you don’t have one and If you do it focuses the eye on this wonderful assets of yours. I love Topshop Joni range.02J02GDST_2_large

2. Simple dresses – can be dressed up or down depending on where you’re going. Go for simple colours and then add event specific accessories. I like this simple black dress from Missguided.missguided

3. Blacks, whites, camels, navies, greys – you are not boring for liking these colours. Everyone likes these colours. Green and blue polka dots are not sexy. However, make sure all black or all white aren’t an everyday occurrence. Add in some other shades (not using the term colour because that implies bright orange) camels, greys, light blues13G19IPBL_2_small4. Midi skirts – the best for flattering the best parts (waist and calves) hiding the bad parts (tummy and upper thigh) Often referred to as a pencil skirt, Mango do some gorgeous, very well priced, skirts.Hollywood - Midi Skirts

5. A really nice, flattering, high quality white shirt – controversial I know but I honestly don’t think there is anyone in the world who doesn’t look good in a white shirt and blue jeans for the day and white shirt an black skirt for work. If you are someone who doesn’t look good in a white shirt, tweet me a picture because I don’t believe you. If you want something on the cheap but great – Uniglo do a great shirt for £20, if you want to invest -The Jack Wills Highmoor shirt (£45) is lovely.w6cb1t075558c02bd457a927565980

If the above is old news to you, here are 5 more ideas to spice up your life:

  • Denim shirts – denim on denim in general
  • Suedette – sounds rank but it’s not, here’s an example Missguided Suedette Skirt in Khaki
  • Faux leather – not in a slutty way, but makes a boring black skirt an exciting black skirt if it’s leather
  • Roll necks – just to reiterate – look good on everyone especially with some sort of biggish earring (pearl/hoop)
  • Checks – skirts or shirts, obviously chosen selectively rather than something Woody (Toy Story) would wear, an example here – Topshop checked skirt

Hannah x