I was thinking about this the other day and it’s a bit of a weird one. You know when you’re desperate to just chill but you kind of feel guilty? I find it get it after work, when I know I’ve got things I need to do but I really want to watch an episode of something I’ve missed, so I came up with this list, of 5 things you can do in front of the TV to give you a few minutes of guilt free watching

  1. Stretch your hamstrings – this sounds so weird but most of us have hamstrings which are too tight and hamstring injuries are one of the most common injuries you can do to your body. Most people don’t realise (I didn’t) that a lot of leg pain when exercising is actually due to hamstrings which are too tight, and the pain can be really limiting. So, buy a resistance band for a couple of pounds on eBay and sit in front of the TV and stretch your hamstrings. You’re looking for this kind of stretch, 3 x 30 seconds on each side. Try it and I bet you’ll be surprised the difference it makes
  2. Moisturise your whole body – I don’t know about you but I definitely do NOT moisturise my body enough. Even when I’ve just got back from holiday, after forcing myself to sunbathe, I get home and just think, meh. However, when I see one of those bodies, someone who moisturises regularly I always think, I must start. So, get naked and get moisturised and when you’re done push back cuticles – a slightly rogue one, but why not? Most of us don’t push our cuticles back enough and our nails often look tatty. Buy yourself a cuticle pusher and have a tidy up of your hands and feet. This one is 99p on eBay, free postage.
  3. Polish your silver – treat yourself to new jewelerry by polishing what you have
  4. Organise the folders on you Laptop – ok, so maybe you don’t want to do this if you’re really focusing on the show you’re watching but if you’re not, this can be a great use of time. Maybe your work laptop needs a spruce or your home laptop has got loads of old junk on it. Either way, make some new folders, delete the old and get organised. SO satisfying.
  5. Learn how to plait your hair – there are loads of different photo and video tutorials which teach you how to do this and it’s a really useful skill. I always get jeal of those cool kids with french plaits when I’m skiing or away in a hot country. Why not learn? Maybe practice on your friend or family member, they’ll probably love you even more!

Hannah x