I’m a massive fan of a defined, neat brow. I am not however, a fan of actually doing my eyebrows. So this blog is a bit different from other brow blogs you may read as I’m trying to make your life is easy as possible if you don’t enjoy/aren’t gifted at making your eyebrows look as good as you’d like.

Step 1: Get your brows done professionally. If you aren’t a make-up expert I strongly believe this is the best place to start. It gets your brows to their best place possible for you to them maintain. About 3 years ago I started going to the Benefit ‘Brow Bar’ to have my brows done. I had a tint and wax for £19.50 and loved it, I now go about every 4-6 weeks and maintain the strays myself (I’m an inspiration, I know).My favourite place to get my brows done is the Benefit Brow bar in Farnham by a lady called Enya. The great thing about forming a relationship with the person who does your eyebrows is that you can then go on the ‘journey’ together. For example, I am currently trying to extend the ends of my brows and thicken the top, Enya knows this so waxes to ensure that none of my hard work gets ripped out. So step number one: form a relationship with a brow specialist.

Step 2: Tint AND wax. I always thought tints were unnecessary because I have dark brows, however once Enya did mine I realised how wrong I was. The tint grabs the little fair hairs around the brows and slightly colours the skin giving an overall thicker, neater look

Step 3: Buy the correct tools. To get my brows to a state where I feel more Cara then MJ I have 3 main tools. For me, Benefit are the ‘go to’ brow people for products as well as waxing. I have tried many brow products but these are all my favourites. They are as follows:

For the beginner:

The brow stencil – This is a life changing piece of equipment. Created by Eylure, found in Boots in the nail/eyelash area, this little packet has 4 different shaped stencils for only £4.95. They take a bit of getting use to but basically hold it over your brow, put some powder and wax on your brush and brush it on (don’t press too hard or it will be too severe/too dark) Remove the stencil and voila, it’s pretty much perfection (maybe not first time, bear with it). The great thing about a stencil is it means your brows are even. It also means any hair not in the stencil can be tweezed away because it is not meant to be there.

For everyone:

  1. A mascara/brow brush – I’ve never paid for one of these, I grab one when I go to a make- up counter,  I only grab another if I lose the previous one. I don’t advise spending money here. Here I mean the brushes which are used to apply mascara, without the mascara on it
  2. A brow kit – I love Benefit Browzings, it has a powder for the shape and colour and a wax to keep them in place. It comes in 3 colours: light, medium, dark. I go for medium. If you don’t fancy dropping £22.50 on a pot of powder with a silly name, a dark eyeshadow will do here, however I would say, this kit lasts about 2 years so it’s worth the investment
  3. A brow brush – possibly one of the most important brushes to get right. Too firm and you may as well grab a sharpie, too soft and you may as well use your finger. The brow brush which comes with the Browzings kit is brilliant, however if you want the brush without buying the kit you can get this here
  4. Thin concealer – for tidying up the areas around the brows, my favourite is this super thin one which you can get on ASOS

If you’re splashing out:

Precise brow pencil – this brow pencil, again from benefit, is the thinnest I’ve found and it’s brilliant, the perfect way to fill in those tiny little gaps which you only notice when you become a brow professional. It’s not a necessity but it is definitely worth it once you’ve got it

To summarise:

  1. Find a specialist, someone you like (and preferably someone who remembers you so they remember you’re trying to regrow for example)
  2. Wax and tint every 4-6 weeks to keep the shape (if you’re good at shaping, skip this step)
  3. Buy good tools, it’s a fairly big spend initially, but they last

For guidance on shaping your brows I really recommend this guide from All Day Chic

Remember, we were not all born with Cara’s eyebrows. A lot of people have quite small, thin eyebrows, but that’s fine. I strongly believe the eyebrows you were born with are the ones which suit you the most, so don’t mess about too much. And if you’ve over plucked (and you know if you are one of these people) find a specialist and POWER THROUGH. A few weeks of messy spikes is better then a lifetime of looking like the child catcher

Hannah x