Here are a few ideas if you’re looking to get something simple and affordable for a friend or family member, all under £10 and can be ordered online

  • Silver earrings – ranging from £5 to £7 these small, sterling silver hoops are a great present for just about anyone. Head here for a size guide to ensure you get ones your recipient will like!
  • Jewellery stand – 5 different colours and only £7.99, this will be popular with all girls, you can never have enough earring storage
  • Make up box – the priciest item in this list, coming it at £9.49 (£11 inc postage but thought I could get away with it). This clear stand looks great on any dressing table or chest of drawers and makes doing your make-up far less frustrating 
  • Slogan t-shirt – slogan t-shirts are all the rage at the moment, particularly these high end brand ‘inspired’ logos, this particular t-shirt is based on the famous ‘Hermes’ brand, have a search on eBay for some others. These are great for a casual weekend outfit or if you get it really wrong, your recipient can wear it in bed or to the gym
  • Personalised bangle – a cute, personalised gift which shows thought. The letter of their name and birthstone makes this quite unique and at £8.99, you can’t go wrong

Hannah x