Summer 2017 is well on it’s way and we couldn’t be more excited. I get really excited for Summer, obviously, however I do get nervous about the clothes. You go from being completely covered up to suddenly having limbs out everywhere you go. I find starting with some nice summery shoes is a good place to start, the 3 styles below are my favourite shoes for this season, sandals, flip flops and espadrilles and they’re all gold…

Glitter Espadrilles – these are £25 from Accessorize, I love the fact they’re sparkly as they make any outfit more exciting, however if you’d like something gold but less showy, ASOS have some for £17.

Sophie Plaited Flip Flops – £15, also from Accessorize. i’m a big fan of flip flips which are a bit more stylish than the standard style. Accessorize have a few different colours and styles, they’re quite hard wearing also.

Leather Wedges with Jute Platforms – the priciest on the list at £59.99 from Zara. I really liked these when I saw them, thought they were a bit different however they’re a bit love or hate and I’ve had mixed reactions!

All 3 of these come in at £99.99 so you can gold-ify your wardrobe without breaking the bank! What are you favourite summer shoes?