I’m a big ‘healthy food’ foodie and love trying out new independent restaurants who make healthy food taste good. On my other site, Food of Me,  I review restaurants, both independent and chain based upon their ability to offer healthy, customisable options so that everyone can eat what they want, wherever they are, for example, a low carber can enjoy an italian restaurant or a vegetarian can enjoy Nandos, it makes everyone’s lives easier! I’ve spent the last 9 months trying out the healthy, and regularly vegetarian restaurants in London so I thought I’d collate my top 5 with the meals I most enjoyed. I’d love to know your experience in these restaurants so please feel free to leave a comment below 🙂

I have chosen a mixture of restaurants in a variety of locations in London, these are some of my favourites with their Food of Me rating

  1. Kings Cross –Granger & Co
  2. Nottinghill – Farmacy
  3. Shoreditch –Redemption Bar
  4. Chelsea – Tanya’s Cafe
  5. Covent Garden – Wild Food Café

Granger & Co

Granger & Co is an Australian restaurant with 3 branches in London: Nottinghill, Kings Cross and Clerkenwell. I’ve been for dinner and brunch (one of the best brunches I’ve had). Both visits to the Notting Hill brand so need to visit some of the others. Granger & Co is about 7 minutes from Notting Hill Gate tube station, just off Portobello Road. You can’t book so you often have to wait for a table but there’s a bar so you can sit there and have a G&T and some nibbles. Food of Me review. Granger & Co will let you customise the menu to remove/add things in for your preference, the staff don’t love doing it, but they will do it.


‘Farmacy brings the Hollywood glitterati style of veganism to Nottinghill’ Finanacial Times.

‘Healthy Food by Nature’. Farmacy is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Offering a wide range of plant-based dishes inspired from around the globe, Farmacy supports both a vegan & vegetarian diet, free from dairy, refined sugars, additives and chemicals. Farmacy has the classic healthy salad but also has healthy comfort foods such as the signature “Farmacy Burger” and plant-based Ice Cream Sundaes, the menu offers something for everyone. All of the ingredients are selected for their taste as well as their nutritional benefit and sourced from local organic UK farms. Farmacy is a great restaurant to go to if you have a large group, however they don’t take bookings so there is often quite a wait. The food is delicious, they serve cocktails and they do home delivery – well worth a visit!

Redemption Bar

‘Spoil yourself without spoiling yourself’. Redemption is healthy bar and restaurant with branches in Nottinghill and Shoreditch. They have a good mix of savoury and ‘good for you desserts’. The cocktails they serve are a healthy alternative to a classic alcoholic cocktail, for example, the ‘coco-rita’ – coconut water, lime and agave syrup ‘margarita’, shaken over ice and served in a salt-rimmed glass. The photo below is the ‘buddha bowl’ which was delicious. The menu doesn’t have as much variety as other menus but the restaurant has a sophisticated ‘not just vegans’ eat here feel so will work for most people.

Tanya’s Cafe

Tanya’s Cafe is a well known raw restaurant set in a hotel in Chelsea. The restaurant is well designed, reminding me of being in Bali and the staff are smiley and very clued up about raw food. I’d say that if you’re a seasoned vegetable and raw food eater then you’ll very much enjoy your visit however I think I’d struggle taking meat eaters here as I think it’s quite an acquired way to eat. Tanya’s puts it’s own spin on classic dishes, the photo below is the ‘raw lasagne’

The menu is fantastic, really varied and detailed however defintely not somewhere for everyone so carefully select your companion for this trip. The menu is here – you can book online and they do delivery. Food of Me review.

Wild Food Café

The Wild Food Cafe is an independent restaurant in Neals Yard. It sells healthy, mostly vegan and vegetarian food in a simple restaurant with a beautiful view of Neals Yard. I really enjoyed my visit to the Wild Food Cafe, it’s lovely from the outside and inside and the food is absolutely delicious. The menu is varied enough for most people to find something they like, I shared the burger and the bliss balls and they were both delicious and there are many more things I’m yet to try. Food of Me review.

Thank you for reading 🙂 I have a long list of other restaurants I’ve tried, or am yet to try, but if you think there is a restaurant which should be on this list – let me know!

Hannah x