Can we all just stop for a moment and worship the spiraliser. Whoever is the god behind this thing I love you. And I’ll tell you why:

The thing about low carb life (LCL) is that you lose the ‘vessel’ of transporting the food from your plate, into your mouth. For example, what is tuna without the pasta, bolognese without the spaghetti, thai green curry, without the rice. Enter – the spiraliser.

Now, I am not telling you that courgetti spaghetti is as good as real spaghetti because that would be a lie. It is not. However the good old white spaghetti is not good for you. It has no nutritional value. However, if you spiralalise a courgette not only are you getting one of your five a day, AND you can eat it raw which is great for the bowels because lets me honest, we all love a poo, you also have a new vessel to transport your bolognese, your pesto, your salmon. Come to mama.

My gorgeous brother bought me my spiraliser for my birthday and it’s brilliant. I recommend it, available here: Gefu Spiralfix Spiral Cutter for £31.35

Hannah x