I travel a lot with work as I regularly work for clients which require me to stay in hotels. When packing my bag there are certain items I could not live without – what are your must haves?

1. Miceller water – I’m obsessed with this for removing my make-up. It’s like a magic water which removes face and eye make-up really easily without any rubbing or using harsh products. Since using it my skin has improved so much and it’s really cheap – pretty much miracle make-up remover

2. Platinum GHDs – since buying these in January last year my hair has improved hugely. It is longer, thicker and stronger and the only main change I’ve made is buying these straighteners which contain a new technology which prevents breakage

3. USB toothbrush – slightly indulgent, maybe something you’d ask for as a present, but I love this toothbrush. I’m a big electric toothbrush fan but mine’s quite bulky when I travel and isn’t very travel friendly so I love carrying this little one around which I can charge on my laptop if it runs low on battery, sounds silly but makes a big difference

4. Organix shampoo, conditioner and hair oil – I’ve been using organix products for about 4 years now, originally to try to incorporate some keratin into my hair when it was weak and needed some TLC. I’m now a complete advocate of these products, completely natural, sulfate free (the keratin range) and reasonably priced, I can’t see why I’d ever change products! I also always have 2 hair oils in my house, one on my dressing table and one in my travel bag. The oil is good enough to use on wet hair but also light enough to use on dry hair so I usually spray it before I dry, before I straighten and then use it as a serum post styling

5. My favourite pajamas – sounds silly but I love having a piece of home with me and nice, comfy pajamas make such a difference. Particularly if there are members of staff seeing you when they bring you room service. My favourite at the moment are a set my Mum got my for Christmas from M&S. They’re so cosy and soft on your skin

Hannah x